lunedì, agosto 07, 2006

Jaeger-LeCoultre - Extreme World Chronograph

Limited Edition JLC Boutique 2006

Technical Specifications:

Automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre 752 caliber

Chronograph, Date, Wordtime.

Dial: Special Limited Edition dial with orange coloured elements.

Case: Ø 46,3 mm

Strap: Special Limited Edition rubber strap orange-coloured

Water-Resistance: 50 meters

Available in Stainless and Steel 50 pieces (worldwide) and in Platinum 30 pieces (worldwide). No: 7 is one of those to hunt, usually available from one of the very special JLC boutique.

Prices, simply the same as the regular models.

For those striving for an extreme exclusivity, you just about have sufficient time to hunt for one. All those Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme World Chronograph, Limited Edition timepieces, will be delivered in November 2006.

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